Beethoven Minuet

Minuet in G, Ludwig’s Priceless Little Gem

Minuet in G is one of six minuets written for orchestra by Ludwig van Beethoven. Unfortunately the scores were lost, but his arrangement for piano survived and it has been transcribed for a wide variety of instruments – notably violin and cello. As with Dvorak’s Humoresque, Minuet in G quickly went viral in the music world. In the recent past it was sometimes featured as a little encore to wind up (wind down, really) a recital by some of the great violinists.

Minuets usually have a second section called a trio, originally for three instruments.

The inclusion of Beethoven’s little gem in Volume 2 is another shining example of Suzuki’s ingenious use of repertoire to combine musical attractiveness with development of technique.

Main Study Points in the Minuet Section

The first important study point is how to play the long slur at the beginning. There are two significant skills to teach: Read More →

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