Suzuki Violin Teacher Feature – Sharron Beamer

In this week’s post I’m delighted bring to you my dear friend and colleague, Sharron Beamer, who we met in the 80’s at the Suzuki Institute in Matsumoto, Japan, our families instantly embracing an enduring friendship. Talking with Sharron brought up images of the winter streets of Matsumoto and the humble wooden houses where we lived, the cacophony of practice in the teachers’ rooms, the aromas of green tea and strange seafood, the faces of our teacher colleagues from all over the world, Suzuki smiling and smoking in his chair, and the happy chatter of violin-carrying children.

Sharron Beamer

Sharron is a vivacious, insightful teacher of unequivocal conviction, thoughtful, friendly, sociable and an intrepid adventurer who loves a challenge. A genuine possibility thinker, her achievements come from a fearless can-do attitude towards life. She teaches in London, England.

The Interview

We’d talked earlier in the year about an interview, and I finally got through to her on Skype at her home in Muswell Hill. Our discussion ranged over a wide variety of subjects, but if there was a central theme, it was how she worked with young students and parents, motivating them to study and make progress. Here’s a few highlights:

* Her remarkable story of how she became a Suzuki violin teacher;
* Studying with Suzuki in Japan;
* Starting new students and new parents;
* Taking on students who have begun with others;
* How she builds a positive relationship with students.

To hear the interview, just click on the play button.

You can download and read Sharron’s article on the Parent Child Relationship in Resources.

Thanks for coming to Teach Suzuki Violin and I hope you enjoy the interview!



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